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How We Work

The Care Challenge

At Home Care from Boaz Care

Care can be fragmented and expensive.  We have seen this and decided to do something about it. At Boaz Care we adopt initiatives and strategies that aim to challenge existing presumptions in the care sector.  We adopt learning from renowned world leaders such as Buurtzorg who are doing things differently yet delivering better quality care at competitive rates.  Commended  by Royal College of Nursing.  See https://www.rcn.org.uk/about-us/policy-briefings/br-0215.  

At Boaz Care we aim to provide assistance with all aspects of the care, minimise the risk of  hospital admissions and promote independent living in one's chosen environment.  This service involves assessing client needs and preferences followed by identifying the best suited carer to meet those specifications and working alongside other health professionals.

We believe in Fairness i.e. fair pricing and values.  Today many are living in fear of whether they can afford the cost of their care and if this is sustainable long term.  Government and councils alike are struggling with care budgets and the result is that indirectly or directly levels and quality of care suffers.  Demographics continue to show that people are living longer meaning resources are stretched and pockets squeezed.  Worry no more.  At Boaz Care we have thought long and hard about your potential needs and how building our values around 'Fairness' could see you transform the way you manage the cost of your care without compromising on quality.

We choose our carers carefully and help equip them to become independent carers who operate within networks of self managing teams that have ongoing support.  Having independent carers results in improved care whilst giving the end user value for money.  By doing so, we are able to eradicate layers of bureaucracy that do nothing much apart from adding to the cost of your care.  As a result we are able to pass on the savings made to our carers by way of an increase in their earnings without charging you more.  This delights our carers and we believe that happier carers could mean better care for you.  Your care is important to us.  So are our carers.

Referral scheme

We believe that word of mouth is by far the strongest influence in making decisions for your care.  We have devised a way in which you can benefit from this too.  So if you are happy with us then spread the word and watch your share of earnings grow.  This is so because we are 'The Fair Care Company'.  We believe in rewarding you for your custom and our carers for their invaluable work.  In this case by simply making a successful referral.  It is another attempt to help alleviate the cost of your care or just make that little extra to help you enjoy the finer things in life.  Conditions apply.

Our carers who choose to participate in this scheme get an opportunity to better their earnings and safeguard their future incomes even in their own retirement.

Data Protection

Your information is safe with us.  Above all treat our clients with dignity and respect including maintaining confidentiality.  We will not share your information with third parties without your consent and we abide by the Data Protect Act.

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