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Day and Night care: from £10 per hour.
Live-in and Respite care: from £75 per day

Our rates are subject to a weekly administration fee and a one off administration fee.

Administration fee:  

This is the fee you pay for us to provide an administration service for the your care arrangement.  See examples below.

Weekly fee:

  • 16 hours or less: £50 
  • 17 - 30 hours: £75
  • +30 hours: £95

Registration fee: £99

One off.  Covers:

  • The initial visit to you, the assessment and completion of necessary documentation.
  • Cost of finding and placing a carer with you.
  • Cost of keeping you on our books.  If your needs change you decide to stop the service, you will not be paying for re-registration when you come back to us.

Remember in the event that you choose to join the referral scheme, you could earn some money back.

Please get in touch for more information.

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